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The Most Bizarre Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

There’s an old saying that goes, money can’t buy happiness—but maybe Bitcoin can! Here are some of the weirdest, impractical but delightful, and overall unique items you can purchase with bitcoins online. Let the retail therapy begin.

  1. A Fake Identity –

Under 21? Well, you can get the best quality fake IDs over at This site is famous for helping a lot of underage partygoers get into bars, clubs, liquor stores and more—if you know what I mean. The fake IDs they produce are known to pass all security tests, whether it’s holograms, UV checks, magnetic striping, barcodes, you get the idea. So watch out for their Bitcoin flash sales and you might just be able to snag yourself a brand new identity with your bitcoins.

  1. The Very First Mac



Are you a big fan of Apple? If you have $5430 to spare in your Bitcoin wallet, then this #OG Apple Macintosh model could be yours. Released in 1984, the world’s first Mac comes with a 9-inch monitor hard drive, a clunky keyboard, a boxy mouse, and other geeky sources of endless bragging rights.

  1. A Slice of Island Paradise

Do you have 22,672 BTC in your Bitcoin wallet? Then you can claim 32 hectares of untouched paradise in southwest Lombok in Indonesia. Are you the next king of the Bitcoin empire? Build your castle here.

  1. A Venus Fly Trap

Do you know what’s cooler than killer deals? Killer plants! You can buy one of these fly-snapping beauties for just under $10 at this exotic garden. And yes, they accept Bitcoin because they know Venus Fly Traps will be the next big thing. Just like Bitcoin.

  1. Alpaca Socks

The distant cousin of the llama—the alpaca—has been dubbed the unofficial mascot of Bitcoin. So if you are an avid Bitcoiner willing to show your support through maximum comfort for your feet, get yourself a pair of these super soft and comfortable alpaca socks. Who knows where your feet will take you?

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