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Be More Travel-Savvy With This Advanced Tip

We all know what it feels like to be bitten by the travel bug. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a season-long sabbatical, we all get absolutely excited at the prospect of going somewhere new, experiencing a different culture, and eating delicious foreign food.

Here’s a travel tip from the experts: start paying for your trips with Bitcoin!

Destinia, a Spanish online travel agency, is happy with how its Bitcoin-paying customers have been booking flights and making hotel reservations with the very convenient and cost-effective digital currency. By paying less on transaction fees, you can pay more for other exciting things like an authentic Greek meal or a beautiful Balinese sarong.

Destinia reports that users who pay with credit cards tend to hold back on expenses because they have to shoulder about 3-5% more on transaction fees. Meanwhile, Bitcoin users have more freedom over what to buy.

Destinia is one of the top traveling agencies that opened its doors to Bitcoin and they now receive Bitcoin payments on a daily basis. Just this summer, even travel giant Expedia has started accepting Bitcoin for hotel bookings.

“We are delighted with the way [Bitcoin] is performing and we foresee a lot of potential,” says a Destinia spokesperson.

“Last year, Bitcoin was mostly used for paying hotel reservations. This year, we have noted a significant increase in Bitcoin payments for flight bookings. Currently, sales for both are pretty leveled.”

Additionally, Destinia shares that its most active Bitcoin customers come from Spain, Germany, Argentina and Sweden.

Last August 17, 2015, Destinia made an exciting announcement. They now also accept Bitcoin payments for low-cost flights.

So savvy up, dear wanderer! Get your share of this futuristic cryptocurrency protected by its innovative blockchain technology. Not only will you be experiencing premium convenience and significant savings, you’ll also discover a fun new way to explore the places you travel to.

And to make things more fun, a number of restaurants and shops all over the world are now also accepting bitcoins.

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