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Where To Go When The Stock Market Isn’t Safe

Recent cage-rattling in the stock market has compelled The Washington Post, among many other notable news publications, to declare that the stock market’s recent rock-bottom plunge has wiped out all of this year’s gains.

The Dow Jones industrial average took a major dip of 500 points, which puts it at a 3% loss in correction territory. Moreover, the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index also suffered from its worst daily percentage loss since 2011.

The imminent worries of an economic slowdown in China have pushed U.S. stocks to their worst state since 2011. There have been weeklong losing streaks and unbelievable dropping of points, and this means that big wigs like Google, Facebook, and Wells Fargo have lost billions of dollars in the market in less than a week.

Even non-traders and those whom are not keen observers of the stock market game can tell that this is a horror story for everyone invested.

“It kind of raises a red flag, but it’s not waving it yet.” Says Scott Wren, the senior global equity strategist at Wells Fargo, to The Washington Post.

It’s a Go: The People’s Currency is Bitcoin

Where To Go When The Stock Market Isn't Safe 2

So if China is indeed showing signs of economic liability and stock market volatility, what else can investors do aside from buy off cheap, lower-tier stocks with higher risks?

The answer is in the decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin. It does not answer to any governing financial institutions. It does need the go signal of banks. And traumatic stock market downs such as this most recent decline most definitely do not affect it.

Many are vouching to call Bitcoin the people’s currency because it is administered, facilitated, double-checked and processed by individuals who are directly involved with the transactions. The people become the overseers, the fund managers, and their very own bosses. And because bitcoins are considered to be a single commodity investment, its value is less reliant on outside market forces that plague the economy.

Bitcoin is new age democracy. It stands for giving purchasing power back to the people, and its ultimate dream is to share financial freedom with anyone who dares take the risk on this new, sometimes uncertain, but securely stabilizing form of currency.

As with all things new and bold, a time will come for adaptation and it would benefit your fund portfolios if you opened new opportunities with Bitcoin sooner rather than later.

Yes, it’s a go with Bitcoin. Now the only question is: are you in?

For a more elaborate read on Bitcoin as a creative and democratic solution to macroeconomic mishaps, you can go to this page.

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