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Facebook Notes To Get A Revamp: Good For Bitcoin Awareness

When was the last time you posted a Facebook Note?

Back when status updates had a character limit, Facebook Notes was the platform of choice for longer and more serious entries; and you can even embed images to match your post. Yes, it sounds exactly like an old-fashioned blog.

However, you can count on Facebook to always mix things up and step up their game. Beta versions of the new and revamped Facebook Notes platform have already been rolled out to a select number of beta testers, and it should only be a matter of time until you get to experience the rebirth of Notes yourself.

What is the new Notes platform going to look like? Certain leads say we will be delighted with the new, seamless interface with smart layouts and catchy image, quote, or other content placements. It will be a more stylized presentation of content. It will probably look like

This centralized and restyled posting system is the perfect way to spread the news about Bitcoin to an interactive and discerning global audience, who seem to be online 24/7. Facebook has over 1.5 billion users and counting, and a majority still have not heard or learned about truth and convenience that come with this digital currency.

So content creators, here’s a heads up. Get those Facebook Notes rolling out as soon as possible.

Interspersing Bitcoin news and information into the revamped Notes platform could give Bitcoin adoption its much needed buzz and boost. Admittedly, Facebook is still largely untapped Bitcoin territory, and one can only find Bitcoin news in faraway forum pages or fanatic financial groups. But if you curate your content right, and if you make your writing properly witty, you’ll be sure to get the world’s attention with this new Notes platform.

And who knows? Maybe the next Bitcoin wallet or payment system can be built right into Facebook itself!

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