Skip to content Has 4 Million Users and Counting, one of the very first Bitcoin wallet providers in the world, is now 4 million users strong. They reached the 2 million mark just last year, which means they’ve doubled up their client base in just a year.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Bitcoin revolution.

Monumental growth for

“This is really exciting as it points to a positive trend in [Bitcoin] adoption,” says a spokesperson from the pioneering Bitcoin wallet company.

This also means that Bitcoin is beginning to overcome all the stumbling blocks it encountered ever since its inception in 2009.’s monumental growth in users is an indication that more users are now ready to be part of the Bitcoin revolution. has managed to stay one step ahead of its rival wallet companies, although one of its closest competitors—Coinbase—is recorded to already be at the 3.8 million users mark. With Bitcoin usage increasing for both companies, we are bound to witness more expansive growth in the coming year.

Supporting the Bitcoin Ecosystem is not just a wallet; they provide end-to-end solutions for the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. They have a blockchain explorer and updated charts and graphics that map out trends and changes in the world of Bitcoin.

They also received a generous investment of $3.8 million from high-end players such as Lightspeed Venture Capital, Wicklow Capital, and Sir Richard Branson. The funds are mostly delegated to the continuous improvement of their technology to counter technical issues and system slowdowns. also gained popularity after the UK Prime Minister David Cameron gave his support to the wallet company during a trade mission in Asia. The UK government is one of the most staunch supporters of digital currencies in the world. remains to be the most trusted wallet brand these days due to the simplicity of its design. They’ve mastered how to turn the technicality of Bitcoin into something approachable and enjoyable, and this is ultimately why they continue to gain new users and double their growth.

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