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Can Bitcoin Save Global E-Commerce? The Answer is Yes

Global e-commerce is expanding. New consumer groups are sprouting. Everyone is on mobile. The time to revolutionize financial services is now.

We live in a world where widespread access to global financial services has become a daily need, and we’re looking at the power and potential of Bitcoin to address important gaps in financial services. Bitcoin has the ability to transform the way we make payments and the way we think about money. While this remains easier said than done, we cannot ignore the demands for an easier, safer and cheaper way to move money across borders.

Here are three important reasons that back up Bitcoin’s role in growing the global market:

  1. You can trust Bitcoin.

The astounding growth of e-commerce over the past decade has caused bottlenecks in the arena of payment systems. The online use of credit and debit cards simply cannot keep up. They take days to process transactions. They charge 3% more on every purchase to cover transaction fees. Not everyone is qualified to own a card. Merchants suffer from purchase chargebacks. And fraud control could use a boost.

We all contribute to this old and broken system by using our debit and credit cards. It is time to outgrow this outmoded system and replace it with something more inclusive, more consumer-friendly, and more timely. Let’s do away with all the dead weight that has caused extreme frustration to consumers and merchants worldwide.

Enter Bitcoin with military-grade security algorithms for safer transactions that happen in real time. No more waiting periods. And certainly no more unreasonable fees. Bitcoin can reduce costs, risks and delays all at the same time, and no other payment system has proven to be this deserving of our trust.

  1. Bitcoin is a global currency that appeals to the young.

Over 6 billion people in the world own a smartphone but don’t have a bank account. Bitcoin can finally bridge this gap and deliver financial services to the masses. Bitcoin is an IP-based technology, the same technology used by mobile apps, so anyone with a smartphone holds the power to move this currency.

Moreover, more than 80% of millennials belong to an emerging market that is removed from the banking industry. When asked whether or not they were going to open a bank account in the future, only less than a third considered that it was possible. This means that future consumers are less likely to own a debit or credit card. What will happen to the world of finance then?

Meanwhile, you can count on more individuals to each have their own smartphone, and these people will be more than happy to send and remit money all over the world directly from their phones.

  1. The world is ready for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin holds the power to transform the public Internet into a secure payments system that opens up access to financial services for billions of people around the world. By doing away with the stumbling blocks that banks hold in place for a majority of new consumers, Bitcoin possesses the key to adding billions to the global e-commerce market.

And just like the Internet, Bitcoin is borderless. They have the capacity to expand their reach and increase the world’s understanding of personal finance.

Gone are the days when money talk belonged to the upper rung of the socially elite and upwardly rich. Today, money is in the hands of everyone with Internet access and a mobile phone. The world is ready for a revolution like Bitcoin.


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