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Mike Tyson Releases Bitcoin ATMs All Over Las Vegas

World-renowned boxing champ Mike Tyson launched a series of Bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas last August 2015.

Mike Tyson’s fastest knockout in the ring was 30 seconds, and his Bitcoin ATMs promise to turn cash into bitcoins in under 20 seconds. This is what the official website,, advertises along with a sign-up link for more news on the Bitcoin ATMs.

The Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM is a standard machine from industry leader, Lamassu. Lamassu is currently dominating the market share of Bitcoin ATMs at a remarkable 40% captured rate. To add excitement and edge to these machines, brand new Mike Tyson decals have been stickered onto the front of the machines.

Mike Tyson’s involvement at this stage is only at the endorsement level, however, we have yet to see if the world champion has future plans of dominating the Bitcoin industry as well.

The Mike Tyson ATMs are backed by Bitcoin Direct LLC. Peter Klamka, its CEO, has released a statement to affirm their company’s support for the Mike Tyson ATMs.

The Lamassu machines used for this specialty line of ATMs are one-way Bitcoin machines, which can be used to purchase bitcoins, but not remit bitcoins to cash. The ATMs will also charge a 10% transaction fee over the exchange rate of every transaction.

Now the question stands: can these Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs knock out the competition?

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