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BitFury to Release Light Bulbs that Mine Bitcoin in 2015

BitFury to Release Light Bulbs that Mine Bitcoin in 2015BitFury has done it again, the innovations they have made in the past years is truly a treasure in the e-business industry. With their recent announcement of a possible machine that can mine bitcoin independently is a big breakthrough in the business.

Although it is still in the prototype stage, it looks promising and it is definitely a looking forward to must buy for online entrepreneurs and bitcoin miners.

Another impressive vision of Bitfury as to why they have come up with this innovation is their dream and goal to galvanize the interest of the entire industry in bitcoin technology and that making money for them is second in nature. This act is truly a class act and deserves a standing ovation.

Security might be the biggest concern of the potential buyers but 100% sure it is also BitFury’s primary concern when they have conceptualized Light Bulb and most probably, security gets the lion’s share, monetary and development wise.

BitFury’s Light Bulb is expected to be available in the market within the year.

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