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BitForTip: Answer Questions, Get Paid with Bitcoin

By now, everyone has heard of Quora and Yahoo! Answers. Most of us have posted our own questions and answers on these popular ‘open forum’ type of platforms.

How many of you wished you could’ve been paid for that smart answer you just posted?

BitForTip does exactly just that. Now, anyone can post questions on the site and those who leave the best answers will be paid in bitcoins.

BitForTip was created by a Greek tech geek by the name of Panagiotis Pollis. He was inspired to create this currency-savvy site when he scoured the web for a T-shirt that looked like one he recently lost. He thought that he could get better results if there was a way for him to incentivize people to help his search.

In an interview with CoinTelegraph, he says:

“BitForTip makes it possible [to] motivate people to search [for an item] for you, in exchange for some bitcoins. So both parties can benefit.”

The website’s tagline is simple: Get paid for answering questions.

This provides a fun alternative to the typical online surveys that offer to pay people for answering market research-driven questions. With BitForTip, you can ask anything at all, whether you intend to use the answers for personal gain or commercial benefit.

On BitForTip, the questions can even be personal or emotional. Users can reach out and offer comforting answers, and get a couple of coins in exchange.

Pollis knows that he’s a targeting a very specific niche; especially since Bitcoin knowledge is needed to enjoy his new online service. To him, Bitcoin is perfect for his site because “it enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Plus, since the funds are held in escrow, it proves that you are willing to pay someone in exchange for specific information.”

Since its recent launch, BitForTip has awarded a sum of 0.03 BTC. This may be a small sum, however, we must also consider that the lowest minimum reward is priced only at 0.0001 BTC.

Pollis hopes that more online platforms such as his would find a way to integrate Bitcoin into their services. This way, the digital currency can hit the mainstream and onward we go in the digital revolution of our day to day lives.

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