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How To Become A Bitcoin Merchant

Before you become a fully-fledged bitcoin merchant, you will need to decide on one important thing. Do you want to handle the bitcoins yourself? Or do you want to seek the services of a third-party payment processor such as Payprogent?

Handling bitcoins by yourself will teach you a lot of new things about digital currencies; however, it will also take up more of your time. This type of investment will require you to study the Bitcoin world closely so you can stay abreast with latest developments.

Using a third-party processor like Payprogent will require you to pay a minimum fee, but from there, everything will be hassle-free. You won’t need to undergo technical courses to know how cryptocurrencies are recorded, secured and sent; and you will definitely have more time to oversee the other aspects of your business.

Handling bitcoins by yourself will take more effort, more risk and more profit. Meanwhile, third party pairings can lessen the effort and risk with a reasonable return. The choice is yours!

How to do it yourself

First, you’re going to have to set-up your own bitcoin wallet. You can do this by enlisting the services of open-source scripts such as Synala or

Synala is an open-source PHP script that can run on your computer’s server to allow Bitcoin payments to be sent straight to you. It has a configurable admin dashboard that is fairly easy to navigate and customize.

Meanwhile, offers two main services: Wallet and Receive Payments. Through these, you can set up a bitcoin account without having to store data on your computer. Everything will be connected to the blockchain!

Once you have your bitcoin wallet, you’ll need to activate an API for you to start receiving blockchain payments either through PHP or Java. After that, you can connect the API to your website’s checkout page, and voila! You are ready to accept Bitcoin payments. Be sure to do test runs before you publish your new checkout page.

Becoming a bitcoin merchant also entails a careful study of price fluctuations and other trends in the market. Make sure you are always updated with Bitcoin news.

Lastly, keep in mind that withdrawing your bitcoins to fiat currency will cost you 0.2% to 0.7% depending on usage and where you are withdrawing from.

How to accept bitcoins with a payments processor

If you find the above steps too technical and tedious for your liking, you can always look for a trusted Bitcoin Payments Processor that will do all the hard and technical work for you.

Payprogent is a trusted Bitcoin Payments Processor that will not only take care of all the technical details, but will also assume the responsibility of securing all your transactions at minimal cost. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about price fluctuations or risks in forex because Payprogent will deliver the news straight to your dashboard.

Get paid with bitcoins, and you’ll easily receive the amount in cash. No technical work needed. No risk of tampering or fraud. No hassles! Make your life simple with Payprogent’s Bitcoin Payment Processor.

You may ask, what will this kind of efficiency and convenience cost me?

Payprogent will give you the first 2 months free. Try it before you buy it. If you decide to continue using the service after 2 months, your succeeding months will cost only $9.95. This amount is significantly lower than having to pay fees for each and every transaction, and is just a fraction of your total costs should you opt to try other payment methods.

Interested in becoming a successful bitcoin merchant? Call 1-844-4429859 to start setting up Bitcoin on your website today!

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