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Tips: Bitcoin Education Needed for More Consumer Use

Where Can Consumers Learn About Bitcoin?

It is no secret that educating consumers about the benefits of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in general is needed. So where can consumers turn to learn more about Bitcoin use?

  • There are many tutorials about Bitcoin available online. Recently, Instabill copywriters came across a list of the top 10 videos where consumers can learn more.
  • The Blockchain app is a free download to your smartphone. Blockchain is a valuable tool and resource – without even owning Bitcoin.
  • Curious about the value of Bitcoin? Several websites give live values including CoinDesk, one of the leading news sources on cryptocurrencies, offers live values in different currencies such as US Dollars, Euros, Great Britain pounds and the Chinese Yuan. As of Thursday morning, Bitcoin value hovered around $242 per.

4 Reasons Consumers Should Care About Bitcoin

Understandably, most consumers are content with cash and credit/debit cards.Bitcoin education means pulling consumers out of their comfort zone, which won’t be easy. But consider these four benefits:

Easy Peer-to Peer-Transactions: Among the beliefs held by many at the 2014 Crypto Valley Summit Sept. 17-18 in Douglas, Isle of Man was the desire to eliminate the ‘middlemen’ and fees in transactions. Bitcoin transactions are peer-to-peer, no intermediary and no fee.

The Blockchain: The Blockchain is the ledger that records all Bitcoin transactions under each owner’s username, helping to curb fraud.

No Regulation…Yet: Currencies with which consumers are familiar rely on governments. Because of certain global events and market crashes, governments can fail. Bitcoin is a global currency without regulation.

No Chargebacks: This is good and bad. Once a consumer pays for goods or services with Bitcoin, the sale is final. The only way to recoup a refund is with the consent of the payee.


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